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With each passing year, fewer and fewer people can be seen in classic tailored clothing. Dress codes are disappearing, along with man’s willingness to put on a suit. People will devise any excuse to dodge formal situations, but it’s inarguable that every man needs at least one proper suit in his wardrobe; for funerals, interviews, weddings, and special parties. These occasions are often less about the clothing and more about respect. There are other times, however, when extravagant events call for guests to dress conspicuously to stand apart from the crowd. It is usually in these moments that men are found in a frenzy, searching for something to wear.

HVRMINN’s latest evening collection is the creative director’s unique interpretation of traditional formalwear. Like with all things, HVRMINN avoids conformity and the arbitrary rules of the past. While the aim is always constant, to ensure that the wearer is sexy, charismatic, and distinct; this collection contains many unconventional details.

First, the collection is constructed in novel fabrics, like patterned brocades, complex woolens, and sharkskins; all of which are eccentric choices for men’s traditional formalwear. Furthermore, these expressive fabrics are featured in vivid red, subdued midnight blue, and iridescent houndstooth. This curated selection of textures and colors are the blatant elements that highlight the point of difference. Though to the experienced eye, the simplicity, balance, and minimized detailing are also apparent distinctions.

Take for example the blue sharkskin tuxedo which is designed as a single button, single breasted jacket, with emphasis placed on the sharp lines and hourglass silhouette. The satin elements of the jacket and pants are discreet and sophisticated, featured only on the collar of the jacket and the waistband of the trouser.

Then there is the leopard shawl blazer, which is influenced by the classic smoking jacket. It’s completely deconstructed and designed with a waist-belt detail. These minute details of the shawl blazer is what makes it unique. The jacket can easily be worn both formally and casually, depending on how it’s styled.

HVRMINN explains that balanced styling is particularly important for this collection due to its inherent boldness. The lavish colors, textures, and proportions of these garments must be harmonized; otherwise, the wearer can easily appear excessive and exaggerated. This is why the garments are paired with such classics and quiet pieces, like white and black shirts. The point is to stand out tastefully, without crossing over into being tacky.

Written by Paul "PCK" Kang