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“As with designing a collection, the process for designing space is comparable; I begin by envisioning colors and textures. There’s hardly ever a single source of inspiration. My ideas are always an accumulation of broad experiences and interests. If there is one general element that links the processes, it is the aim to find the “perfect balance” in juxtaposing two things.” The decor for the HVRMINN boutique in Brooklyn is exactly this: a juxtaposition of rustic and modern industrial design, and western and eastern sensibilities.

According to HVRMINN, these thematic decisions are influenced by the purpose and function that the space aims to serve. The way an individual experiences the space is as important as its visual impact. The procedure that follows achieving balance are detail oriented decisions, which ecompasses the utilization of antiques, objects, and art pieces from the designer’s personal collection.

“Decorating is easy - the most difficult aspect of design, whether in fashion or space, is knowing when to stop.” It’s easy to forget one of the most basic principles that less is more. HVRMINN explains that it requires time, passion, and perseverance in order to make these crucial decisions. “As a designer, I understand that it can be irritating when your vision doesn’t materialize instantly, but attaining the desired results require patience and constant reassessments of how the different elements harmonize.”

HVRMINN is stubborn when it comes to design work that involves his brand, however, this doesn’t mean that he outrightly rejects other’s opinions, or underestimates their ideas. He explains that, “the final decision may be mine, but I’m receptive to suggestions that my colleagues provide”.

In order to build the boutique, HVRMINN worked alongside Guigon, a furniture design studio, who helped design and fabricate all of the fixtures and furnitures. Once their team understood HVRMINN’s needs and vision, they proposed a number of ideas that were both creative and practical. “I truly believe that the furniture we’ve created together brought the boutique to a new level. The guys at Guigon are perfectionists with an incredibly aesthetic taste. The objects and furnitures pieces that they create are made flawlessly.”

The HVRMINN boutique is about more than simply setting up a retail shop - it is the act of bringing together HVRMINN’s different interests, and gathering them into a single place, “my passion for art, antiques, music, cafe culture is presented as a way to give our customers better insight into the brand. This is why I take such great care on how the brand is experienced and perceived; I have to design everything from our logo to our space from scratch.”

The boutique is an immersive experience that enables shoppers to truly understand the lifestyle that the brand represents.

Written by Paul "PCK" Kang