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Men generally get lost in the correctness of suiting, stifled by the fear of getting it wrong, and yet these daunting guidelines are seemingly more complex when it comes to less typical garments. One such fabric that is commonly misunderstood is velvet; historically associated with nobility and luxury due to its expensive production cost, it is still generally reserved for special evening occasions, or other formal contexts. While velvet is traditionally woven from silk, it can be made from different fibers, such as cotton, which was utilized for our latest jackets.

As with every collection, proper styling is always a point that I wish to emphasize. Typically when dealing with an inherently conspicuous garment, the first inclination is to style it with clothing items that are equally elaborate. Doing this usually results in an unappealing mess of colors and patterns, and can easily be mistaken as costume. The image below is an illustration of how excessive styling can make one appear silly and ostentatious.

∴ From a Motion Piction, American Hustle, 2013 ∴

Instead, our creative director, HVRMINN, recommends finding balance by utilizing discreet styling pieces that have the opposite effect. Our latest velvet items are styled with vintage t-shirts and sneakers, as a way to convey the practical qualities of cotton velvet, a close cousin to the rugged and commonplace corduroy.

Written by Paul "PCK" Kang