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The subtle details make all the difference. HVRMINN is known for its signature cut and silhouette, designed to highlight the wearer's poise and charisma. The quality and the fit of our suits is most important to us. To ensure the highest level of quality, fittings are conducted exclusively by the brand's creative director and designer, HVRMINN.
HVRMINN is renowned for its special occasion and evening-wear collections. Clients frequently seek us out to style them for a wide range of important occasions: weddings, parties, corporate events, and other festivities that call for the client to stand out.
The creation of a truly personalized wardrobe. From sketch to finish, HVRMINN brings the client's vision to life. Couture is a collaborative process. Clients work with HVRMINN to create one a kind garments, designed around their lifestyle needs, personal style, and taste. The options are limitless - we utilize diverse fabrics and materials, and help clients refine their design ideas.
NO.1 BOOK AN APPOINTMENT - Schedule your complimentary private appointment with our creative director, HVRMINN, at our boutique.

NO.2 CONSULTATION & FITTING - During your appointment, HVRMINN will conduct a meticulous fitting and then guide you in selecting the fabric and detail options that are best suited to your personal style, professional needs, and aspirational goals.

NO.3 PICK-UP OR DELIVERY - Within six weeks, your custom suit will be ready for its final fitting at our boutique. Once any necessary adjustments are completed, you can either pick up your suits or have it couriered to your home.
247 WATER ST. STE. 104, BROOKLYN, NY 11201
The HVRMINN boutique represents more than a retail shop for custom clothing - it is the act of bringing together HVRMINN’s various interests, and gathering them under a single place. “My passion for art, antiques, music, and cafe culture is presented as a way to give our customers better insight into the brand. This is why I take such great care on how the brand is experienced and perceived; I have to design everything from our logo to our space from scratch.”